mardi 24 janvier 2012

à vous les studios ! [Jonti Studio] by

Moi j'aime bien voir comment les producteurs produisent. J'aime aussi voir leur matos. La grande explication (en anglais) et un album gratos.

" For this episode of ADSR we were lucky enough to have Stone's Throw artist Jonti invite us over to talk about how he produced his debut album Twirligig. In ADSR fashion we run through his synths, his music writing process and his favourite software.

Jonti is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist and has been making music for years. He has already worked with the likes of Mark Ronson, Hodgy Beats, Santigold, Jon Wayne and more.

Its very hard to imagine just how Jonti composes. As Peanut Butter Wolf said "the arrangements blew me away. I couldnt figure out how the hell he did what he did". Luckily for us Jonti gives us an insight into how he does it and shows us his live MAX/MSP visual setup too. "

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