samedi 4 décembre 2010

Boy 8 Bit-2006 Halloween Sepcial

Comme c'est bientôt Halloween, Boy 8 Bit, pense à nous et nous concocte un petit mix Halloween Special. Ça fait peur !

Part 1

Goblin – ‘Waiting Death’ (Tenebre)
Rick Wakeman – ‘Campfire Tales’ (The Burning)
Alessandro Allesandroni – ‘Devils Nightmare’ (Devils Nightmare)
Nico Fidenco – ‘Zombie Parade’ (Zombie Holocaust)
Nico Fidenco – ‘Come Back! Rhythm’ ( Different version of above from Emanuelle Around The World)
Nora Orlandi – ‘Dies Irae’ (The strange Vice Of Mrs Wardh)
Dialogue from the movie ‘Stagefright’
Fabio Frizzi – ‘Apoteosi del Misero’ (City of the Living Dead)
Fabio Frizzi – ‘Sequenza 8′ (Zombi 2 aka Zombi Flesh Eaters)
DEan Gitter – Skin and Bone (From the Album Ghost Ballads 1957)
Donald Rubenstein – ‘The Calling’ (George Romero’s Martin)
Walter Razzati – Monster End (House by the Cemetery)

Part 2

The Producers – Life in Tv (Demons 2)
Keith Emerson – Taxi Ride (Inferno)
Goblin – Snip Snap (Partick)
Ennio Morricone – 4 mosche di velluto grigio’ (Four Flies on Grey Velvet)
Goblin – ‘Bikini Island’ (Contamination)
Goblin – ‘Flashing’ (Tenebre)
Hot Ice – ‘Friday 13th pt 3 Titles’ (Friday the 13th Part 3 3D )
Ritz Ortolani – ‘Do It To Me’(House by the Edge Of The Park)
Paul_Zaza & Carl_Zittrer – ‘Prom Night Pt 2′ (Prom Night)

Ah, on vient de me dire que j'aurais éventuellement raté un truc...

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